Entrusting your property to a third party and making it available to strangers is a delicate process, which requires a relationship of trust. We approach this relationship like a real partnership based on the essential values of communication and honesty.

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Reasons to choose us!

A relationship with our landlprds based on communication, information, transparency and availability.

"Sensible, reliable, safe management", both in our choice of client and standard of care for your property.

Regular financial assesment and investment to stay competitiveand at the cutting edge of new technology

Guidance through any changes that might make your property more attractive on the rental market

To make our promises a reality, this partnership is subject to a management agreement that commits you for the period of one year and is automatically renewed

Our representative on spot :

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Direction :

Aux Carroz et à Flaine :
Mme Marie-Françoise Renand :
Tel :+33(0)

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Flaine manager :

Flaine :
Mme Gaëlle Poissonnet :
Tel : +33(0)

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In charge of year rental :

Les Carroz :
Mme Fabienne Chiloux :
Tel : +33(0)

Marketing, communication & promotion

Les Carroz & Flaine :
Mme Sandrine Vaudey :
Tel : +33(0)

Commercialization :

Les Carroz : Fabienne, Léa et Sandrine.
Flaine : Emilie, Gaëlle.