agreement The rental becomes irrevocable as of confirmation of the tenant's reservation, namely when the agency sends him a rental agreement further to receipt of the reservation form and deposit by the specified deadline. The inventory attached to the agreement is provided as a rough guide and is not a contractual document.


The tenant, having paid a deposit to be deducted from the rent, undertakes to take possession of the accommodation on the day when it is vacated as per the agreement, and agrees to pay the balance of the rental amount this same day come what may, be it illness, injury or unexpected circumstances. The price includes use of water, gas and electricity. Failure to comply with these terms entitles the lessor to re-let the rental accommodation in question forthwith. The tenant shall bear the cost of any related bank charges.


The apartments and chalets are fully equipped, including crockery, tableware, knives, forks and spoons, and bedding, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF HOUSEHOLD LINEN.
Sheets are only supplied in the winter season EXCEPT FOR SHORT AND PROMOTIONAL WEEK-LONG STAYS.

Time of arrival

The let begins at 5 pm and ends at 10 am. The tenant may prolong his stay if the accommodation has not yet been re-let, provided he duly notifies the agency in advance, in which case the rental amount shall be adjusted accordingly on a time-spent basis.


The rented premises shall be occupied in a proper and decent fashion, and commercial activity in whatever form is strictly prohibited. Rental units are equipped and furnished for the number of persons indicated overleaf, and the agency should be notified of any extra facilities/amenities for which there is an additional charge.

Wear and tear to furniture and movables in general should be that expected from normal use. Should any movables be damaged, broken or mislaid, the tenant shall either replace them with equivalents or pay the agency the cost of replacement as calculated by the latter.

The tenant is liable for any breakages, deterioration and ensuing damage to fixtures and fittings, heating and other appliances, in particular any damage resulting from frost (windows left open etc) and other mistakes.
Subletting is prohibited.

PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED (unless otherwise and expressly agreed to by the agency).

Contents and condition

It is in the tenant's interests to check the list of contents and state of repair on arrival. The tenant should also verify that household appliances and sanitaryware are in good working order. Any complaints should be notified by completing the arrival form and sending it to the agency within 72 hours of arrival, after which time it can no longer be taken into account. Owing to the large number of simultaneous departures and arrivals, the agency may well be unable to inspect the premises in the tenant's presence, but agency staff nonetheless inspect them before the tenant arrives and after he departs.

Amenities ans utilities

Supply failures, cut-offs, interruptions in the supply of utilities, be they in the building (central heating, hot and cold water, power supply etc ) or public (water and electricity mains, telephone, roads) on no account give tenants any grounds for claiming rent reductions if they are not intentionally caused by the lessor. The agency disclaims all liability for any impediment to occupancy.
In this respect, owing to the problems of finding qualified staff or contractors in season, the agency disclaims all responsibility for any delays in carrying out repairs.
The tenant shall agree to any works deemed urgent and commissioned by the lessor or owner of the building without being entitled to any reduction in rent or compensation whatsoever.
Should any pipe (washbasins, bidets, baths showers, sinks, toilets) become blocked through the fault of the tenant, it is incumbent upon him to carry out the requisite repairs.
Chalet occupants are responsible for clearing snow during their stay.


The tenant must leave the premises perfectly clean, if this is not the case, he will be charged for the cleaning or this will be deducted from his deposit or added to his bill.
Furniture and movables in general shall be returned to their original places. The tenant must lower the heating thermostat, open the refrigerator, disconnect the power supply, carefully close all shutters, windows and curtains, and hand the keys over to the agency by 10 am at the latest. Any delay in so doing will result in one day's extra rent being charged by the agency.


Deposits are payable to cover the cost of any damage to movables and other items provided in the rented premises, as well as the cost of any additional charges or utility charges. They shall on no account be considered as an advance payment of the rent, and will not incur any interest payment. The amount of the deposit will be refunded within one month, provided the premises are vacated in a perfect state of cleanliness and repair and free of damage, at the agreed time, after deduction of any damage caused. If the said amount is insufficient, the tenant undertakes to pay the difference. By collecting and holding the deposit, the agency can no way be held liable by the owner for any damage caused by the tenant.


By the tenant: If the tenant is forced to cancel the rental, he must so notify the agency in writing and pay the balance owing this same day.

By the agency: Should the agency, through circumstances beyond its control, be unable to provide the reserved accommodation, it shall do its utmost to provide accommodation of an equivalent standard. Should this not be possible within the contractual period, the agency will refund the rent, but will not pay any other sum or compensation.


A 40-€uro charge will be made by the agency for any changes the tenant makes to dates, locations and accommodation not entailing cancellation.


If he has not already done so, the tenant must take out insurance cover with a reputable insurance company against theft, fire and flood damage, in respect of both the risks of occupancy and risk to furniture provided and any third-party claims, and be in a position to provide the owner or his duly appointed agent with documentary proof thereof. As a result, the owner or his duly appointed agent decline all liability in respect of any action the insurance company may take against the tenant in the event of an accident.


The agency disclaims any liability for theft or burglary in the rented accommodation. The owner and agency disclaim all liability for any damage to tenants' property and belongings resulting from fire or events covered by tenants' insurance policies.


The agency reserves the right to show the apartment to anyone interested in buying or renting it at their request, subject to giving the tenant advance notice. Should the tenant or anyone connected with him make an offer to purchase the apartment during or after the let, the agency is entitled to negotiate the sale at the current market and terms.


Should the tenant fail to pay by the due date or be in breach of any clauses herein, the agency may exercise its right to terminate the agreement immediately and the tenant shall vacate the premises forthwith.
CHOICE OF JURISDICTION The agency's service address for legal purposes is in Carroz d'Arâches and any disputes or points of contention shall be referred to the Bonneville Court of law.